30 Days in India: Episode 1

Posted on 6/20/13

I had never planned on becoming a yoga teacher. It kind of just happened. When my friend suggested I go to India and do my teacher training there, I laughed at the idea. But as time passed and I researched schools, India seemed like the most exciting choice. Why not learn yoga where it originated? After almost a year of planning, talking to mentors, endless researching, and piles of paperwork, I was packing my bag to take a trip that would immensely change my life.

In episode 1 you will meet me, Andrea Jensen, the yogini who will spend the next 30 days in India. Find out why I made the choice to completely change my life and dispose of all the internal and external things that didn’t serve me any longer. See my first day in India, where I run into some trouble at the airport when I accidentally miss my connecting flight from Mumbai to Goa, and meet the amazing people who help me along the way! Explore my new habitat and meet some creepy crawlers that invade my bathroom! Come experience my introduction to Goa and get ready for a crazy 30 Days in India!

Talk soon!